Crema Bellavei


Crema Bellavei products are used for treatment of the skin, which has various ingredients and moisturizers that promote beautiful and healthy skin. It also claims to remove wrinkles and fine lines. It works well against premature aging, which is one of the most common constituent that helps making a person’s skin look damaged. The brand does not only include a single product, but a kit which includes cleanser, moisturizer, anti-aging cream and emollient.

It is a influential multi-tasker that assists lightening and brightening the skin on the face and neck while the natural beauty and charm of the skin is retained. Skin clarity is improved and so is the elasticity. Discolorations, blemishes and dark spots will disappear when the product is used over a period of time. It is an advanced skincare formula which is fit for all skin types and meant for everyone who wants to better their complexion.

Active Ingredients

  • Arbutin: It is one of the key ingredients of the product which helps the user maintain a bright and glowing skin and also helps in retaining good skin quality making the skin look younger than the real age.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract: It is a resourceful ingredient which has high levels of antioxidants which helps in smoothening of the skin and protects the skin from any kind of damages.
  • Evening Primrose oil: It helps in increasing the fatty acid content in the skin cells and it is worth mentioning that it plumps up the skin helping a woman get back a younger look.
  • Shea Butter: It helps the skin retain its softness for a longer period of time and acts as an active moisturizer. It also fights against fine lines and wrinkles after prolonged usage.
  • Vitamin C: It is considered as a potential and very useful antioxidant which stimulates the production of collagen inside the body and protects the skin from vulnerabilities.


  • It eradicates wrinkles
  • Acts as a powerful moisturizer
  • It boosts the elasticity of the skin
  • Works well on blemishes and dark spots

Is it safe?

To prevent aging, the brand advises their clients to use their products in their early 20s. However dermatologists are of the opinion that women in their 20s should not use any anti-aging cream as the skin is healthy and resilient enough. A moisturizer may be used to hydrate the skin but an anti-aging cream is not advisable. In that case, Crème Bellavei should be used. The Facial cleanser may be used twice daily for maintaining clean and healthy skin.

Final Verdict

The product line-up comprises of a total skin care unit starting from moisturizers to anti-aging products. However it is worth mentioning that organic products have an edge over inorganic ones and it is worth trying before one gets a Botox treatment which is a highly costly treatment. There may be alternatives available in the market but Bellavei products may be considered in the first place amongst the competitors for its natural characteristics and useful support in anti-aging.

Crema Bellavei

Crema Bellavei


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